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How to Sign Up and Create a Forum User Name

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    Greetings Initiates,

    To sign up for a general site account click here. A verification e-mail will be sent, so if you have not yet received it please check your spam or junk folder.

    If you do not create a forum user name before using the forums, your first name registered on your general website account will be used in the forums by default. To create a forum nickname instead, log into your general account and edit your forum profile by clicking on your name in the main forum page sidebar. (For mobiles at the very botton of the forum page.) This change does not affect or modify your general account name used for billing purposes.

    Once you have changed your forum user name, all previous posts will reflect the new name. Direct user-to-user messages can also be accessed by clicking on the sidebar menu. (For mobiles at the very bottom of the forum page.) This side-bar/bottom-block menu is only viewable on the main forum page for visual ease of navigation.

    Thank you for joining our fellowship.

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