Plotinus Complete Works: In Chronological Order, Grouped in Four Periods (4 Volumes in 1 Unabridged) by Kenneth Sylvan Guthrie
Plotinus Complete Works: In Chronological Order, Grouped in Four Periods (4 Volumes in 1 Unabridged) by Kenneth Sylvan Guthrie

Plotinus Complete Works by Kenneth Guthrie

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Plotinus Complete Works: In Chronological Order, Grouped in 4 Periods (4 Volumes in 1, Unabridged)
Author: Kenneth Sylvan Guthrie
Format: Paperback
Pages: 814
Condition: NEW

This edition of the Complete Works of Plotinus was the first full English translation of all Enneads. The translation follows in the footsteps of previous Platonists, such as Ficinus and Taylor, and builds on Dr. Guthrie's translations and explanations of Plotinus's master Numenius, the Pythagorean texts, the works of Proclus, etc.

Dr. Guthrie's translation includes several major features that are not found elsewhere, including: 1) a reorganization of the books of the Enneads into chronological order, displaying 4 progressive stages of development; 2) a comprehensive concordance of terms and ideas; 3) an examination of Plotinic philosophy’s origin, development, and destiny.

The present translation “is the best for him who wishes to understand Plotinus, because it is the only edition that unscrambles, chronologically, Plotinus’s 4 progressive stages of development from Porphyry’s frightful hodgepodge of 9 medleys. It is the most faithful version, because Dr. Guthrie's sole object was to focus the labors of the best students, Marsilius Ficinus, Mueller, Drews, Bouillet, Chaignet, Taylor, and others; but one only thing he does claim, that he has not knowingly left any obscurity. Otherwise he glories in this subservience to all the best that had been done before him, and for himself he claims nothing but the unappreciated production of what nobody else would do, and the critical discovery of Plotinus’s progress.”-K.S. Guthrie.

Kenneth Sylvan Launfal Guthrie (1871-1940)

Kenneth Sylvan Launfal Guthrie (1871-1940), was a Scottish-born American philosopher, writer, and Episcopalian priest who issued a series of translations of ancient philosophical writers, "making available to the public the neglected treasures of Neo-platonism".

The works that he chose to translate are often very obscure. Few of them had ever been translated into English before; in many cases they have not been translated since. During his lifetime he was obliged to self-publish these books, and sell them by post in mimeographed form, often complaining of poverty and lack of recognition and support. Almost all of them have remained in print ever since.

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