The Great Triad by Rene Guenon
The Great Triad by Rene Guenon
The Great Triad by Rene Guenon
The Great Triad by Rene Guenon
The Great Triad by Rene Guenon
The Great Triad by Rene Guenon
The Great Triad by Rene Guenon

The Great Triad by Rene Guenon

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The Great Triad
Author: René Guénon
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 162
Condition: New

The classical Triad of the Chinese tradition is Heaven-Man-Earth. René Guénon places this ternary in the context of universal metaphysics by identifying Heaven with Essence and Earth with Substance, the mediator between them being Man, whose cosmic function is to embody spirit (Heaven) while simultaneously spiritualizing matter (Earth).

Exploring Chinese cosmology further, Guénon sheds light on such archetypal polarities as Heaven and Earth, Yin and Yang, Solve et Coagula, Celestial and Terrestrial Numbers, the Square and the Compass, the Double Spiral, and the Being and the Environment, while pointing to their synthetic unity in terms of ternaries, such as the Three Worlds, Triple Time, Spiritus, Anima, and Corpus, Sulfur, Mercury and Salt, and God, Man, and Nature.

Perhaps more completely than in any other work, Guénon demonstrates in The Great Triad how any integral tradition is both a mirror reflecting universal themes found in all other intact traditions and an entire conceptual cosmos unto itself, unique and incomparable.

René Guénon (1886-1951)
René Guénon (1886-1951), also known as Abd al-Wahid Yahya, was a French author, Traditionalist and perennial philosopher who remains an influential figure in the domain of metaphysics having written on topics ranging from "sacred science", to symbolism and initiation.

In his writings, he proposes either "to expose directly some aspects of Eastern metaphysical doctrines",these doctrines being defined by him as of "universal character", or "to adapt these same doctrines for Western readers while keeping strictly faithful to their spirit"; he only endorsed the act of "handing down" these Eastern doctrines, while reiterating their "non-human character". He wrote and published in French and his works have been translated into more than 20 languages.

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