Pierre Grimes

    Pierre Grimes (1925-Present)
    Pierre Grimes (1925-Present), is an American philosopher and World War 2 veteran who headed to college in 1948 and there began his reading of Plato. He was amazed to discover that while Plato urged his followers to study and practice the dialectic and meditation, neither were studied or practiced at the college nor anywhere else.

    He attended the Academy of Asian Studies from 1953-1960 and he began his formal study of meditation with a Taoist Mater, and later on continued these studies with various Zen Masters. He formed the Noetic Society for the study of dialogue and dialectic in 1978, and in 1984 also founded the Opening Mind Academy for the purpose of bringing Platonic thought and Ch'an Buddhism together "for understanding and experiencing the nature of the inner mind perceiving Enlightenment".

    His study of dreams within the context of Philosophical Midwifery included giving five-day workshops at Esalen Institute for some 25 years, from the late 1980s until about 2014. His academic teaching of philosophy spanned his career from 1962-2004.
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